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  • Debby Goldsberry

Legal Success with Cannabis Lab Expertise

Updated: Feb 22

In the complex landscape of legal battles where intricate chemical data holds the key to victory, the question looms large: Can you emerge triumphant against your adversaries? If not, Digamma stands ready to lend its expertise. In the realm where cannabis chemistry and lab operations intertwine with legal proceedings, having access to seasoned cannabis chemical experts can make all the difference. With Digamma's demonstrated prowess in analytical chemistry, attorneys gain the indispensable scientific edge essential for securing favorable outcomes in their cases.

Digamma’s Cannabis Chemistry for the Win - A Real Story!

It was a typical day until the call came into Digamma, the urgency palpable from the trusted cannabis manufacturer on the other end. Their company, once thriving, was now under threat from regulators alleging mislabeled gummies, and they’d hired a lawyer to deal with the serious allegations. The owners were panicked, baffled by the accusations, as they were confident in their procedures. However, the test results contradicted their certainty, making their destiny uncertain. 

Enter Digamma, the cannabis industry's most experienced analytical chemistry consultants. With meticulous attention to detail, Digamma requested quality and validation documents from the lab, only to find it couldn't produce them. Digamma’s audit discredited the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) created by the testing lab that was the basis for the state regulator's enforcement. Armed with this crucial information, the company recouped tens of thousands of dollars in testing fees and emerged victorious in its regulatory dispute. It was a testament to Digamma's expertise and dedication, turning the tide in favor of justice and integrity.

Tailored Solutions for Cannabis Attorneys

Digamma applies a blend of scientific acumen and industry-specific experience to drive success in the most complex cases involving analytical sciences. "Attorneys in the cannabis space need a partner who understands unique cannabis chemical science to help them understand and navigate legal implications,” says Digamma Consulting's CEO, Marco Troiani. 

Digamma has provided cannabis chemical expertise for 48 testing labs in 16 US states in the last 12 years. No other firm has such deep and nuanced knowledge of how accurate laboratory data is generated in the cannabis industry, a knowledge that has far-reaching legal and financial consequences. From navigating regulatory frameworks to ensuring compliance with ever-changing laws to discrediting false cannabis driving under the influence claims, Digamma is committed to helping attorneys and their clients' profit from an understanding of complex cannabis science.

Simplifying Cannabis Licensing and Compliance

With Digamma, achieving cannabis licensing and compliance has never been easier. Digamma’s core services focus on the validation, accuracy, and reliability of cannabis lab data. Digamma lab experts streamline lab processes and train staff to comply with regulations. Through creating license applications to guiding laboratory staff through audits and validations, Digamma has covered cannabis laboratory processes at virtually every conceivable step, including developing validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for testing labs that meet with regulatory requirements, ensure public safety, and minimize legal liability. 

Navigating Cannabis Litigation with Confidence

Digamma is uniquely suited to assist in cannabis legal disputes. A seasoned team of scientific experts provides credibility and expert testimony to help you win your cases. Digamma has successfully discredited faulty laboratory data during audits, recouping large sums in testing fees, overturning regulatory decisions, and settling disputes arising from regulatory actions based on laboratory Certificates of Analysis (CoA).  

Scientific expertise in cannabis is valuable in criminal defense, especially regarding DUI charges. Police departments vary in their approach to prosecuting cannabis-related DUIs, often lacking awareness of necessary testing complexities due to cannabis's compounds and psychoactivity. Additionally, crime labs' analytical chemistry methods may not align with the testing methods required for the substance in question, highlighting the need for an analytical chemistry expert.

"With our grasp of the intersection between the scientific and legal realms within the cannabis industry, we are uniquely equipped to guide attorneys through the landscape of cannabis chemistry and laboratory testing," says Troiani. 

Digamma provides compelling testimony rooted in sound scientific principles, patterned on the successful model of legal defensibility of laboratory data utilized by the federal EPA. All testimony and expert opinion letters follow the proven and accepted standards and practices of the analytical industries regulated by the EPA and FDA. This method bolsters any legal case and advocates for the best possible outcome for legal clients because it is based on practices that are not only proven but also familiar to the courts.

Why Choose Digamma Consulting? Because Results Matter!

When it comes to navigating the complex landscape of laws and cannabis chemistry, Digamma stands as an unwavering ally. With an unmatched reservoir of expertise spanning various US state regulatory frameworks, Digamma possesses the unique capability to scrutinize, validate, and offer expert witness testimony, ensuring the accuracy of cannabis lab data while debunking any unfounded claims. Trust Digamma to be your steadfast partner in upholding the integrity and reliability of cannabis analysis every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how Digamma can support your journey to legal success.


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