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Based on 8 years of method development and data science, the DiscOmic system brings product selection, brand defensibly, and classification into the age of machine learning.


DiscOmic is a quantitative, easy-to-interpret way to group and identify cannabis products without reliance on strain names or genetics. 

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What It Is

DiscOmic is a labeling system for cannabis products that summarizes 50+ chemical data points into a single visual. 

How It Works

DiscOmic employs a proprietary algorithm to identify distinctive terpenes and normalize to the Digamma dataset. The color identifies the terpene group that dominates in each layer; the width of each layer indicates the concentration of that group.


DiscOmic can be used to track batch variation (ex. Juicy Fruit) as well as spot strain similarity for selection (ex. Star pupil, Sin Valley OG).

Predicting Flavors

Each color corresponds to a different terpene group. As such, the DiscOmic label informs on the smell and taste of the sample it represents.

Cannabis labeling system
Predicting Effects

Because many terpenes have been found to have medical efficacy, the DiscOmic System also informs as to the probable medicinal values of the sample. Digamma has amassed a database of scientific papers concerning the different physiological effects of terpenes,as summarized below.

Cannabis labeling system

The DiscOmic labeling system is based on biochemical studies into the synthesis of terpenes in cannabis and closely related plants. Below we have a Digamma schematic based on the synthesis of terpenes outlined in Croteau et al's 1987 study with the colors of the DiscOmic label system indicated.

Cannabis labeling system
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