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Audit Forms for Analytical Testing Laboratories

General Audit Form - Short

Digamma offers a variety of documents to help the clients of analytical testing laboratories audit their labs and assess the quality and reliability of data being produced by the testing lab. As a paying customer of analytical services, a lab's client has the right to request quality data, often called QA, QC, or QAQC data, to demonstrate and prove the competence of the laboratory and the accuracy of the reported results.

Depending on the jurisdiction that you operate your business in, your laboratory may be compelled by regulation or statue to provide any and all QAQC data requested by a client. ISO 17025 requires that such data is provided upon request, as well as many state-level regulations regarding the cannabis industry, specifically California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and many other states and jurisdictions.

General Audit Form - Long

   -Emphasis: Pesticides

Edibles Audit Form

   -Emphasis: Accuracy

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