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  • Debby Goldsberry

Innovating Cannabis Lab Testing: The Digamma Consulting Journey

Updated: Feb 21

Digamma Consulting, a trailblazer in cannabis lab testing, has seamlessly merged innovation with expertise, propelling us into the future. Our identity, achievements, and exceptional services underscore our remarkable resurgence.

We transcend traditional consultancy models, embodying a collective force dedicated to driving safety and lab profitability in the cannabis industry. Since 2011, we've been a leading player in cannabis consulting, delivering unparalleled solutions to clients in nearly 50 testing labs across 16 U.S. states and four countries.

Our expertise extends to ensuring compliance in cannabis labs crafting meticulous standard operating procedures for lab-tested cannabis and marijuana products. With a deep understanding of validation's critical importance, our services meet the highest regulatory and safety standards, aiding clients in compliance and profitability.

Proudly, we've collaborated with six state governments on regulatory development, shaping the evolving landscape of cannabis testing regulations. Led by Marco Troiani, our co-founder and CEO, and assisted by Savino Sguera, our team has created innovative standards with global impact.

Marc Whitlow, a multi-talented chemist, programmer, and industry investor, heads strategic development, while Chief Administrator Deborah Goldsberry, a cannabis business management expert, ensures operational excellence. Chief Marketing Officer Tom Wetmore adds his innovative touch, enriching client experiences and regulatory engagements.

We continued our hallmark laboratory method validations throughout the pandemic, emerging with renewed vigor into the post-pandemic cannabis industry. Digamma remains committed to providing safety and profitability solutions as challenges like THC inflation persist.

Our comprehensive services cater to clients' unique needs, from new to seasoned lab operators. Whether crafting standard operating procedures or optimizing procedures, Digamma prioritizes excellence, innovation, and client success. Join us in shaping the future of the cannabis industry – the Digamma way.


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