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Flowchart of Cannabis Industry Sectors


Cannabis Flowers




Edibles and Topicals

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Processing Facility
A business which incorporates Cannabis extractions into formulated consumable products


-Chef to formulate and adjust food recipes for medicated edibles

-Chemist, compounding pharmacist, or any similar candidate with relevant formulation experience to design and check products

-Skilled manual labor for fulfilling orders



-Developing proper procedure for consistent and precise dosing of edibles and topicals

-Following all food and cosmetic safety practices, including frequent batch testing

-Complying with all relevant regulatory measures

-Finding and formulating products that fulfill patient demand


Processing facilities infuse Cannabis extracts into edibles, topicals, and other consumable products. Traditional edibles could be made by soaking flower in melted butter or coconut oil over steam, and using the oils as prescribed by a regular culinary recipe. This creates issues for repeatable dosing and precision, which has led to the more exact method of dissolving extract of known mass and potency into the desired oil. Some edibles producers mix the extract into sugary syrups instead of oil. Although these substances are not capable of dissolving cannabinoids, they can create a temporary suspension which is semi-homogenous. If the sugary product dries to a solid, the method is known to be precise; however, when the sugary liquid stays in a liquid state, such as a cough syrup or glycerin tincture, the cannabinoids separate as an oily layer, and dosing is highly inconsistent without extremely vigorous shaking before the administration of each dose. Processing facilities, because they produce food-grade products, must comply with food safety laws and pass relevant local health inspections.

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