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Flowchart of Cannabis Industry Sectors

Cannabis Flowers





Edibles and Topicals

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Extraction Facility

A business which extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from Cannabis spp. plants for further processing or direct consumption


-Chemist to design, develop, and implement an efficient extraction procedure

-Technicians to routinely execute the procedure

-Engineer to design and implement all systems



-Sourcing high quality Cannabis flower

-Creating a high purity product

-Optimizing procedure efficiency for maximum output of desired product

-Complying with appropriate regulations, esp. for permissible levels of chemical residue

-Retaining terpenes and other flavor components of popular flower strains in final product


An extraction facility is where Cannabis plant is converted into various forms of extract. Extraction frequently happens with butane, propane, CO2, and more rarely ethanol in the cannabis industry. Potency can vary widely, from 30-90% THCA by weight, and is largely determined by extraction procedure and staff skill level. Some facilities use advanced techniques to remove plant waxes, preserve the presence of terpenes, or recrystallize pure isolated cannabinoids.

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