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Digamma Services

A decade of experience operating within the most stringent testing standards has prepared us for the new compliance challenges now faced by the industry.

As businesses grow in staff, employees must be educated on the science of their products as well as the legal landscape. Batch homogeneity is coming under increased scrutiny for proper dosing while contaminants such as chemical residue and microbial growth are now monitored using standards designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. As these regulations evolve, businesses will have to adapt quickly to remain compliant and continue production.


  • QAQC program design

  • Legally defensible data

  • Compliant and safe products for extraction and production

  • Maintaining ISO, GLP, and GMP standards


  • Analytical laboratory

  • Research laboratory

  • Extraction laboratory

Permits and licenses

  • State license application

  • Local permit application

  • Food safety certification

  • Laboratory certification: ISO, GMP, GLP


  • Cannabinoid, Terpene analysis

  • Microbial, pesticide, heavy metals analysis

  • Moisture, residual solvent analysis


  • Environmental monitoring for microbial pests, toxic heavy metals, and pesticide exposure

  • Pest control, management and prevention strategies

  • Pesticide, microbial, and heavy metal compliance


  • Chemical analysis method development

  • Design of experiments and research projects

  • Chemical extraction method development

  • Pharmaceutical compounding and dosing

  • Harvest optimization

Clients and Popular Projects and Requests

Digamma Consulting has served a wide variety of clients who have requested different projects from our team. Below we have summarized the major groups of clients we service, and popular projects that these clients request of our scientific consulting team.

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